Where to get replacement battery for Winbook CW140 I5-8520

I bought this 2-in-1 Winbook from MicroCenter little more than a year ago.  Due to Covid closures, I wasn't able to take it in for repairs during the one year warranty period.  But I can't find any replacement battery reference to this model on their website.  The keyboard is swelling on the right side, now bad enough that the lid won't close.  Any information on which battery to order for replacement is greatly appreciated.  There seems to be a total lack of support.  Online support had no idea how to help me.  They kept reiterating how it was out of warranty which I understand.  I just want to BUY a replacement battery.  I appreciate any help you can provide.


  • TSTonyV
    TSTonyV ✭✭✭✭✭
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    I'm not sure one way or another if we can get a replacement battery for these, but I can get your information to the service desk at your local store to see if they might be able to give you an answer. 

    Could you private message me with your contact information so I can get that to them?
  • decoder

    I also have this winbook and it has done the same thing. Where can I find a battery, this one has expanded so much it will not fit. Is there a recall on this?

  • JS_MC

    Hello @decoder

    I'd have to recommend that you visit your local Micro Center service department. If we are able to acquire a replacement battery, we would be able to do it there.

    Our service department does not require an appointment and is first come first service. You may visit us at your earliest convenience!

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