Please suggest a good build..

Hey guys, I'm looking for my first pc for mainly gaming and schoolwork. I know I posted a thread about a $1200 build but I had to lower my budget since then. Can you guys suggest a nice $1000 build? My full budget is $1500 but I'll use the $500 for the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and os(Windows 10 Home). So if you guys have a $1500 build that includes the things I listed, that would be appreciated as well :smile:
P.S. I plan on playing games like Overwatch, CoD: MW, Battlefield 3,4,5, CS:GO, etc.


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    You could do something like this:

    Just keep in mind that with NVIDIA revealing the new RTX 3000-series video cards (which are shaping up to be a big performance jump) we are likely to see some pretty significant price changes/drops on a number of current video cards so my specific video card recommendation is just a placeholder. With your budget you can fit in a card at about the $400 price point pretty easily, I would wait until the new video cards hit the shelves and see what kind of updated pricing we get and what cards start falling around that $400 mark. I included Windows as well as a 24" 1080p/144Hz monitor that should work well. For keyboard/mouse that's going to be up to your preferences so I left those blank but there's room leftover in the budget for them. 
  • JJK2139
    Thank you so much! Just the kind of build I wanted. I'll wait until the new RTX cards drop like you said, so I can get more value. 
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