Is this build too much for 4k/vr/streaming/240 hz?

Previous Build:
I used some parts from my previous build to put into this new build I'm planning on getting:
I am trying to make my pc somewhat similar to this using the 1000D Corsair Case:

The thing is with this build is that I'm trying to go overkill with it but am unsure about some components like the Power supply, cpu, fans, and parts for water cooling for cpu/gpu. I do plan on waiting for the 3090 ti but was wondering if it would take a long time to be able to buy custom water cooling parts for the card. My power supply on my previous build is an EVGA 750 W Gold would that suffice or should I go for a 1000W supply? I have been told the processor I currently have (i7 8700k) is good enough but I want better would this new processor be a good idea to upgrade too (Ryzen 9 3950X)? The fans I picked out are specifically the ones used in that picture...I think but they are really expensive for fans. The case is able to use 18 fans all together but I am unsure how many fans I need to buy. I would like to double fan my radiators like in the picture. Thanks for taking the time to read this!  :)


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    If you're trying to target high-refresh rate gaming, I'd recommend going with the i9-10900k instead for the superior single-core performance. The 3950X is a great CPU but it's really targeted towards multi-threaded workloads like CPU based rendering and video editing. 

    NVIDIA is recommending a 750W PSU for the 3080 and 3090, but for a build this extensive and if you're planning on overclocking then the 1000W PSU could be more appropriate.

    As for the build being "too much," that really depends on your definition of too much. If you're looking to build the biggest baddest gaming PC money can buy, you've pretty much hit the nail on the head. If you're trying to extract the most value out of every dollar on a smaller budget, then it's a different conversation. 
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