From an AMD Newbie; asking for some input on my WIP build

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Hey Folks, Thanks for spending the time to read this post and provide me with a little guidance.

I was going heavy into the next console generation on team Xbox, but with Halo's delayed release, I thought to instead take a crack at build a computer that could do a darn good job of running the upcoming 1st party titles at 120Hz for my Samsung 4K 120Hz Freesync television. I have an HP z27 monitor as well which I use for work as well, but I envision gaming quite a bit on the television too. The new HDMI 2.1 port on the Ampere cards makes me salivate.

I have definitely been an Intel guys my entire life, in fact, I don't believe I have ever owned a pc with an AMD chip. but it's hard to ignore the value you get with Ryzen. So please, please if I made any huge missteps in my part choices, sound off on me.

 - white/gray/black theme
 - 4k 120fps gaming
 - twitch streaming
 - youtube content creation capability
 - Add-in a custom water loop later on, but I want to wait for a little more funds & the next gen EK blocks to come available
Budget: $2000-$2500
  • [$290] Ryzen 3700x (looked like a decent gaming package that could handle streaming simultaneously)
  • [$180] MSI MAG B550 tomahawk (Nice white/gray/black theme to match my case, while giving a decent platform with PCIe gen4 for the new geforce cards and an nvme)
  • [$143] G.SKILL TridentZ Series 32GB (4 x 8GB) 3200MHz (I was having trouble finding memz that the msi board supported that had a higher clock than 3200, also this memory matches the white/grey theme))
  • [$700] RTX 3080 FE (If I can get my hands on one of them)
  • [$140] Lian Li 011 Dynamic White (What a sexy beast, and has some great options for watercooling configurations)
  • [$140] EVGA SuperNova G5 750W Modular PSU (man it's hard to fiund a PSU, but I saw this bad boy on Amazon and I had to have it)
  • [$206] 6x Corsair LL White RGB fans 120mm (from what I found, these are some solid fans, and really the best ones if you needed a white fan)
  • [$75] Corsair Commander Pro Fan controller
  • [$12] Corsair RGB hub
  • [$0] 256 GB Samsung 840 Pro Sata SSD (has this guy lying around from an old build)
  • [$0] 1 TB Inland Professional SATA SSD (has this guy lying around from an old build)
  • [$209] DROP CTRL TKL Mechanical Keyboard (Just bought it, love it)
  • [$0] Logitech G500 gaming mouse (has this guy lying around from an old build)
  • [$0] Windows 10 Pro (have a key from a previous build)
All added up puts me around $2250 after tax.

Future Upgrades:
  • nvme gen 4 ssd
  • 144hz 4k monitor
  • custom water cooling loop for gpu/cpu/vrm?
  • 3 more case fans?
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