Vader - Come to the Dark Side where anything is possible!


This rig is used for everything from everyday use, to streaming, to PLEX server, to hardcore flight simming. It's my do everything rig and I'm proud that everything works with no issues no matter what I through at it. I had multiple machines that I used for various tasks around the house and gaming, but decided to consolidate into single machine which is now what you see here; Vader.

Vader is an Intel 10900K 5.4ghz behemoth boasting 64gb of G.Skill Ripjaws overclocked to 4000mhz cl15, an ASUS Strix OC 2080ti with a 1060 daughter card for more displays, 50tb of HDD disk space, 4tb of Samsung Evo powered NVME goodness, and more monitors than most people can handle - 7 (65in Oled, 2 LG 34in, 1 Acer 38in, and 4 ASUS 22in touchscreens).

Audio for this machine is power by a Matrix Audio X-Sabre Pro MQA DAC that feeds a Monoprice 887 amp leading to the reference level Sennheiser HD800S with seat attached bass shakers and a Jet Seat for rumble immersion.

Input devices are led by an iKBC MF87 keyboard, Corsair m65 mouse, 3 Elgato Stream Decks - Mini, Default, and XL, a Real Simulator joystick, Thrustmaster TPR pedals, Winwing Throttle, 2 DSD button boxes, and a TrackIR.

This whole machine is a never ending upgrading monster. I always tell my wife that Ill be done after the next upgrade, but low and behold there is always one more over the next horizon.


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