Feedback on my first PC build.

I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice.  The build colors will be Red and Black. Its my first build and i would like feedback on things I should change or things that i need to know. The only problem i have ran into is that on PC Part Picker it says that my Case has a USB 3.2 Header, but my motherboard does not. Will this be a problem? Also, instead of getting a 2070 Super, i would like to get the 3070 when it releases. I just put the 2070 Super in there to have something around the same price as the 3070 will be.


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    The board not having a USB 3.2 header is usually in relation to the USB Type-C port on the front of the case. Some boards come with the appropriate header for that, some do not. It's not a "problem" really, just means you won't be able to use that particular port. 

    The only other major feedback I have is that DDR4-3600 is the sweetspot for memory speed paired with Ryzen CPUs. 
  • Ok thank you. I planned on getting DDR4-3600, but i could only find 3200.
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