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  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @FalconsHyper

    What plans do you have for your PC?  Are you looking to only play games or are there plans to do content creation or streaming?  What resolution would you be playing at and what kind of games would you be playing? 

    I do see you have additional thermal paste, you don't necessarily need this as your cooler will have it preapplied.  You can still get it, as you will need to reapply if you ever remove your cooler.   

    I also would consider delaying the build just a bit due to the release of the 3000 Series GPUs, as prices may drop for current 2000 Series GPUs.  
  • Thank you @TSPhillipT
    My plans for this PC is to do my first build, mostly Game but do a little streaming. Gaming, Streaming, School work. I would be playing at (1920 x 1080). CS:GO, Warzone, Apex, Valorant, BF5.  Thank you i was wondering if i needed TP or if some was going to be preapplied.  I'm saving up for this build so i wouldn't be getting it anytime soon so i will keep my eye out if there will be a price drop or a better GPU in the same sort of price range.  Thank you so much!
  • TSPhillipT
    Everything does look good for those games at that resolution!  
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