Shortage on an online pick up

Good afternoon. On Saturday 9/5/2020 I placed an online order at the St.Louis Park store. I went in and picked up what I ordered. When I got home and started the build the SSD was not in the bag. I called on Saturday and was told someone from the store would make contact. Saturday goes by, so does Sunday and Monday with no phone call. I tried calling while at lunch today and sat on hold. When the operator picked up the call was disconnected. Ive tried calling back but the message states that the hold lines are full and to call again later. 
I understand I bare some responsibility with this shortage but do I have any recourse? A phone call would be great even if its just to say "to bad".


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    Normally it's not a problem for us to help in this situation if you were to just come back in and talk to somebody, but obviously it's nice to confirm beforehand. I can see you chatted with us earlier and we sent a message to the managers, let us know if you don't hear back again and we can try to escalate this from our end to ensure somebody definitely reaches out. 
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