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    Hi @NoviceBuilder what is it that you're looking to do with your PC once built? That can help with determining if the parts you've selected will work for what you're wanting to get out of it.
      The case that you selected wouldn't allow you to install a rewritable drive as there's no bays on the front of the case for it. You could swap to a case that would allow that or go with an external rewritable drive. With the AIO you selected it comes with thermal paste preapplied so unless you wanted to just have it in case you need it later down the road you could hold off. I also noticed the clear tubing but not sure what that would be used for
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    I'm going to throw in a few recommendations that are different as well. 

    The i5-10400 is just not a great value in my opinion. You can buy a Ryzen 5 3600 for the same price, purchase a cheaper B450/B550 motherboard, and then have more budget leftover for a better GPU without really losing any CPU performance. And on that note, the normal GTX 1650 is also a bad buy, the 1650 Super has replaced it at the same price.

    You also don't need that NZXT Kraken water cooler. If you want an RGB CPU cooler, you could get something cheaper like the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black RGB edition, but in my opinion you don't need to buy an aftermarket cooler in the first place. The bitspower tubing is also unnecessary, as you only need tubing for custom liquid cooling loops. I'd also drop that last extra case fan since the V200 comes with four already. 

    By making all those changes, Ryzen 5 3600 + B450 board, dropping the CPU cooler and the unnecessary extra bits, you're able to fit in an RTX 2060 instead which is a big upgrade for the GPU and will yield a much better gaming experience than a 1650.

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