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Please help me out

Hi, I came in store this past Sunday at the St.Louis Park, MN location to discussion a few ideas on Upgrading my Computer or building a whole new set up.

I currently have a HP Pavilion p6-2133w that I bought a long time ago roughly 8-10 years. I've upgraded the Power Supply to a Dynex 520 Watt Atx and put in a EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5 Single Fan Graphics Card. I've also upgraded from a AMD A6-3620 to a AMD A8-3850, which as my research went is the best Processor this Pre-Built Desktop's Motherboard can handle or would fit for that Socket. As I am playing video games especially newer ones, I notice that I am lagging and I know that this is an old computer.

Our conversation is now a bit of a blur but we went over me moving into a Intel Core i9-9900K Processor (On Sale), a ATX MB, and the set of Ram Kit that is On Sale right now for roughly $57.99 (G.Skill Ripjaws16GB DDR4-3200?). He said that would already be quite a bit of a huge upgrade for me already and will definitely notice the difference from what I had.  I left shortly after our brief conversation due to me having to leave.

Now I would like to know if I can have a few of my questions answered and if this would be Commission-Based since I would love for you to get the credit or anyone willing to work with me and walk me through this or receive a tip at the end.

My questions are:

From what we discussed, If and when I get those, will they fit in this Case? It's just a case right? Would I have to go to a smaller MB like a Micro or Mini ATX MB to fit this case? Should I just get a whole new case all together? (HP Pavilion p6-2133w) Also what or why does a MB make a huge difference? I think he recommended the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro WiFi Intel LGA 1151 ATX Motherboard but can't I just go with like a ASRock Z390 PRO4 Intel LGA 1151 ATX Motherboard or a Gigabyte B365 Ultra Durable Intel LGA 1151 mATX Motherboard? Can you Please explain that to me or what would you personally go with and why, please try to help me understand it and what's the difference of it. Then again understand I'm just doing decent gaming and web suffering noting hardcore.

Will my current Power Supply be enough to handle this build (Dynex 520 Watt ATX)? If not, let's discuss? Heard like a decent 650 Watt 80 Bronze should and would be enough?

I don't want to upgrade my Graphics Card and I know it might be a bit older but it's still running at roughly $300 from my short research online, this should fit and wouldn't matter I think but I just have to ask, will this fit or work on the new setup I am going for? (EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 3GB GDDR5 Single Fan Graphics Card) Keep in mind I don't play extreme hardcore games and not a hardcore gamer just here and there with my friends (currently playing Dead By Daylight) and just want a smoother experience. At the same time I might as well upgrade to stay current and make it last for the time being.


  • So there's a few things to go over here. Sales associates in-store receive commission but forum reps do not, as we're not actually sales associates. 

    ANY modern processor would be a significant upgrade over an A8-3850, and in my opinion a 9900K is overkill if you're not trying to push super high FPS in competitive games. Something more modest like a Ryzen 5 3600 or Ryzen 7 3700x or even an i5-10400/10600k would probably be my recommendation, depending on what else you're doing. 

    The motherboard in your HP computer is an mATX form factor so another mATX board should fit, but considering that those cases have some pretty awful airflow I would personally look into a new case as well. 

    The main thing about the motherboards are features. Generally speaking the more expensive boards will have more troubleshooting features, I/O ports, etc... and it really just depends on what you want. If you're an overclocker, then motherboard VRM quality and memory topology would also be considerations but even cheaper boards can have pretty decent VRMs depending on the model. You don't NEED an expensive board if you're not interested in the extra features. In terms of performance, most motherboards will perform basically the same as long as they're compatible with your CPU. If you do go with a 9900K, I would definitely stick with a Z390 board though. Intel's cheaper chipsets don't support the higher memory speeds that higher end ones do. B365 for example only supports up to 2666Mhz. 

    The power supply you have is enough for a GTX 1060 + upgraded CPU, even a 9900K, but I can't find anything indicating it has any kind of 80+ certification and in fact what I am finding online is suggesting that Dynex doesn't make good PSUs. An 80+ Bronze 550W or 650W from a reputable brand would be a good replacement. 
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    Thank you so much and I really appreciated that, you answered a lot of my questions.
  • Always happy to help! Let us know if there's anything else you need. 
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    I'm sorry and I've been looking so would you mind if I ask what MB would you recommend or personally go with? For now I will need a mATX for my recent case (which is bad air flow like you said). The ones I found for example when I typed in i9-9900k for mATX was 
    ASUS B360 PRIME B360M-C/CSM Intel LGA 1151 mATX Motherboard
    ASUS B360 PRIME Intel LGA 1151 mATX Motherboard
    Gigabyte B365 Ultra Durable Intel LGA 1151 mATX Motherboard

    but I think I read they all support up to 2666Mhz only from reading the specs (I am using Micro Center's website) and when I click on "SPECS" under "Memory Types" they all just say "DDR4-2133, DDR4-2400, DDR4-2666.
    Even when I typed in "Intel z390 mATX" this is the only one that popped up "Gigabyte Z390 M Gaming Intel LGA 1151 mATX Motherboard" and it says the same thing. It does say "Memory Speeds Supported" and I see "3200 o.c. which I think this one is and it can handle the G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3200?
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    Also what Fan Cooler and Heatsink should I go with? Do I need a new one or will my old one work and be enough? I don't think so because it will be a new MB and it might not fit?
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    If I take my to computer or when I buy items at the store will they help me set it up for free or will there be a fee? If so, how much or what are the Price Ranges?
  • If you're wanting to go with the 9900k, honestly I'd just recommend getting the i7-10700k instead. They're basically the same processor, both 8 cores/16 threads built on the type of architecture but the 10700k benefits from a slightly newer platform (and you can see by the price as well). The 10700k you'll want to pair with a z490 board. We have a few Z490 mATX motherboards you can see here:

    If you want to filter your results for motherboards, you can go to Products > Computer Parts > Intel Motherboards, then on the left you can select whatever filters you want including chipset and form factor. 

    If you're NOT planning on doing any overclocking, then something like a Hyper 212 EVO Black edition should be sufficient for stock usage. If you are planning on overclocking, I'd recommend something beefier like a Noctua NH-U14S or NHD15, or maybe a 240mm AIO liquid cooler.

    The old heatsink won't fit with the new board and even if it did a cooler for an AMD processor like that is going to be woefully underpowered for a higher end CPU like we're discussing. If you want us to help you assemble the system, there will be labor charges. You can find information about our custom build services here:
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    Again thank you so much for helping me and I really do appreciate it.
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    If I get a Processor that is 2400 MHz and my MB and RAM says 3200 MHz will it still work? Just not up to the RAM and MB full potential?

    G.Skill Ripkaws DDR4-3200
    Gigabyte Z390 mATX

    Does that processor come along with a cooler/fan?Just want to double check and make sure.

    With that MB I can always upgrade to the i9-9900k in the future right? When I'm ready to build a full new build with a new case and PS.

    Question: Do you guys price match NewEgg or other competitors and I have the MB at $20 cheaper in my cart, can you or you guys change that or should I just buy it online through you guys?
  • Yes, you can upgrade to a 9900K in the future with a Z390 board. The rated speeds of the CPU are just the officially supported spec, you can still run the memory at higher speeds if you want, it's just that Intel can't guarantee stability if you do. The 9100F should have a stock cooler as far as I'm aware. 

    We can match to other retailers like Newegg depending on the product and the price. 

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