Asus monitor display artifacts

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So i built my rig about 2 months ago and its worked like a dream... up until about a week ago, random games would display weird horizontal line artifacts covering the bottom 2 inches of the screen, but only in certain games. It does perfectly via hdmi to my TV. The panel isn't damaged, changing refresh rates and resolutions had no effect, cable connections are secure i've updated every driver I can think of. The only thing that had any effect was changing the display mode to gaming on the monitor, but that fixed it only for some games, and at this point Idk what to do.
Here is my Build Ryzen 7 3800x,
Asus Tuf gaming  X570-PLUS (wifi), Asus Dual RTX 2070 Super, 16 GB 2x8 D4 3600 mhz ripjaw, WD 500 GB NVME SSD SN750, 2 TB Seagate barracuda 3.5 HD, EVGA BQ 750W 80+ Bronze SM ATX. And an Asus 23.8" VP249 monitor. The following pictures are to show how the monitor performs during different activities, please help!


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