VR Gaming Build.

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I need to build a new rig that can handle VR gaming.

My interests are solely in flight combat simulators and space combat simulators.  I'm currently playing War Thunder on a monitor, and I'm having a blast.  I've been waiting for the HP Reverb G2 to come out, as I have a very wide PD and that will be adjustable on the HP headset.  Once it does I plan to start playing DCS World, Eve and Star Citizen in VR.

I want a rig that wii run those games and last at least 5 years before I need to upgrade or replace.

I want a 2 TB NVMe primary hard drive and a 2tb hard drive to back the primary hard drive up to.

I don't care about it being good-looking and I don't want any lights.

If I could get in for under 1,500 bucks, I'd be ecstatic.  If I need to spend more I will.  I don't want to cut corners now and see really decreased performance towards the end of the computer's life.

Is there an existing build that would fit my needs?



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