Does anyone have an idea on how much it would cost me for Microcenter to build this for me?

I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice. I was told that building services vary on what you have, so I was looking for information on how much it would cost me to have microcenter build this for me. Thanks!


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    With an AIO liquid cooler this would fall under our Tier 3 Custom PC Build service, you can find details about all our build services here:

    As for your build itself, first thing is I'd definitely recommend the 3700X instead of the 3800X. You're paying extra money for maybe 1-2% performance increase at best. You'd never notice the difference, it's just not worth the extra. 850W is also overkill for your PSU, a 650W would be plenty. DDR4-3600 is also the sweetspot for third generation Ryzen so I'd definitely consider that as well. You can drop the case fan since the Lancool II Mesh comes with fans already as well.

    Are you planning on gaming only or doing other stuff with the system? If you're ONLY gaming, I'd recommend looking at the i5-10600k for your CPU instead since it's the superior gaming processor vs the 3700X/3800X. The Ryzen CPUs have advantages in other situations. 
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