First PC build - Gut Check

+ NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 or 3070  ( whichever I can source first )
My budget hovers around $1700.  The desktop will primarily be used for gaming, but I want an all purpose machine that I could use to branch into video editing etc.  I'm a 'do it once and do it right' kind of guy and appreciate the reasoning behind advice to better my own knowledge.  This is as much for the project as it is for the product and I appreciate any advice or suggestions you have!

I've done a significant amount of research to try and make informed decisions about the parts, but would like a a gut check on the overall build balance and compatibility.  Specifically, the choice of motherboard and power supply which are my weakest knowledge areas. 

Do you have recommendations for additional fans for this case?  If so, how many and any specific links?  I'm more interested in quiet and quality than RGB, but not opposed to pretty colors.

I live 2+ hours away from the store, so I would also love some suggestions about any missing bits for the build that I wouldn't think of till I need them.  Things like zip ties or cabling not included with the parts etc.



  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @KaluliGuy

    Build looks good to me so far!  The only real change I recommend is considering your Thermal Paste.  Your cooler does come with it included, and you generally don't need thermal paste unless you plan on removing your CPU cooler for CPU replacement and need to reapply the thermal paste.  
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