Need Help Choosing Watercooling for OC i9 10900k

HI, I WANT TO BUILD something like this and I need advice about the best watercooling kit i can choose for this CPU (10900k), I want to OC it to 5.2 or 5.3 GHz.
Also, I dont want to build it myself, so I may use Micro center building services, please help me!

(yeah, im a bit noob)


  • LianMooN
    btw, I chose 2x 2080 because it makes similar price to future 3090. And I havent sleected any storage because I'm a bit more worried about cooling. :( Thanks!
  • TSTonyV
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    I'd say water cooling is the way to go, however, I think if you're going to go with a kit like that I'd recommend just getting a normal AIO liquid cooler instead, and go for a case with better airflow. Temperature is extremely important when overclocking so a high-airflow case would be an absolutely must if you're trying to do a heavy overclock on something like a 10900k. 

    Personally, I'd go for something like the Lian Li Lancool II Mesh, then do a front mounted radiator setup with 360mm AIO liquid cooler (I'm personally a fan of the NZXT Kraken coolers). 

    Your PSU is also pretty overkill. 1300W is way more than you'd need even with a 3090 and a heavily overclocked 10900k. That kind of wattage is really for multi-GPU systems. A heavily overclocked 10900k can potentially draw 300+ and a 3090 is rated by NVIDIA at 350W, so you're at 650W-700W in a worst-case scenario with full utilization, and it will generally be less because you're rarely fully utilizing both, especially if you're mostly gaming. Even with a heavy OC and a title that's well optimized you won't find any games that can fully utilize a CPU like the 10900k, so your actual power draw will basically never hit maximum in that situation. If you're doing things besides gaming that are very heavy on the CPU then you could hit those high numbers, but 1300W would still be way overkill. 

    With all that in mind, I'd look at a nice PSU around 850W, e.g.
  • LianMooN
    Oh my god! You're the best!
    Okay, okay, then I will pick an AIO NZXT Kraken and a 800~ PSU. Thank you so much. Another thing, please, I saw Microcenter doesn't have a build and delivery services to where I live (Mauldin, SC) (or at least that's what I understood), so I need help about building it myself or (I don't know if I can ask it here) a page where I can get it built :( I honestly don't want to build it because I get stressed very easy about possible problems with Liquid Custom or any thing. :( Thank you so much! You're very kind, if you have any other advices for me, please don't hesitate to tell me! Thanks again!

    PS: Is Asus ROG Maximus II actually overkill if I want to OC? I think I shouldn't economize in MOBO. Thanks! 
  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    We don't have a build and deliver service at this time. If you reserve the items, as soon as they're paid for in store we can pass the components onto service to build for you.

    Regarding the motherboard, it's not a waste, but it's probably not required, depending on how hard you're pushing the board. There are plenty of mid tier boards with solid VRM's that would give you plenty of room to overclock.
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