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I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice.

Use-case is mainly for web-based usage and a decent amount of single-player gaming with some lower-end multiplayer gaming as well. Games I play routinely can be found here and I typically have 10-30 browser tabs open at a time. Video Streaming through hulu/netflix/disney+. gaming online for games like habbohotel, runescape, etc. Online college classes. Discord. Dungeons & Dragons Virtual TableTop Simulators. I use 2 monitors currently, and plan to upgrade to 3 possibly one day. I dabble with image editing using GIMP, but am not a professional nor avid user. I dabble with streaming through Twitch/Discord, but am again not a professional or avid user.

I would like to have one m.2 SSD for the OS and primary programs such as password vaults, microsoft office, etc . A second m.2 SSD that is larger for most frequently used programs & games such as the steam program itself (not the games library), my calibre e-book library, discord, twitch, VPN etc, and a large-capacity HDD or SSD for all of my less-frequently used games. For example, i currently have a 120gb SSD with OS & primary programs on it that i routinely have to clean out as it gets full, and a 1 TB HDD that routinely is at 50-75 percent usage, without having all of my game library installed. Ideally, I'd like a 256gb+ m.2 for OS, 500gb+ m.2 for primary games & apps and 2TB+ additional storage.
RAM minimum is 16GB, 32GB would be nice. I often run a lot of heavy RAM intensive applications (looking at you chromium based browsers), although I have converted away from Chrome as my primary browser to other chromium based browsers with better memory footprints (Currently using Opera GX primarily, SlimJet when I want to load 20 or 30 iterations of a flash-based web game simultaneously, and chrome just to use Google Drive / ChromeCast)
Needs to include an OS (I prefer win10 pro over win10 home). If it is more cost effective to get a cd-based OS and an optical drive, I am not opposed. Even a usb-optical drive.
Wifi is a must. BlueTooth would be nice (but not required).Type C USB would be nice as I use a C to C cord for my phone to charge, and if i could use it for data for my phone would be lovely.
Aesthetics aren't *SUPER* important, but i wouldn't say no to spending a few extra dollars for more visually appealing PC.
I do plan to utilize microcenter's PC building service for $150 just to ensure i don't mess anything up as i want the PC to be dependable to replace my current alienware 17 R4 laptop as my primary PC. 

Overall Budget can not exceed $2,000, however if that is overkill for my use scenario, I would prefer to save a few bucks than to future-proof the PC. I will be living on the road in about 18 months and will be putting my PC into storage for a long while, so future-proofing is not necessary.

if color choices are necessary for anything I prefer purples pinks and blues, with a black base, than whites and other colors.


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    There's a few things here that we can shave off to extract some more value. First thing I'd do is switch to the mesh version of the Lian Li Lancool II that comes with RGB fans and drop that fan pack down at the bottom there. I'm also not a big fan of the 3600XT. The extra cost doesn't justify the minor performance increase you can get out of it. If you really into overclocking and find enjoyment in that sort of the thing then the XT processors could be worth it, but I'd only recommend it specifically for that. 

    We also don't NEED a 240mm AIO for a 3600XT, or even a 3700X for that matter. Personally, I'd go with the 3700X and then stick with the stock Wraith Prism cooler, which is actually pretty good for a stock option. The coolant is also not something you'd use for an AIO, coolant would be purchase as part of a custom loop. 

    We can definitely go for an OEM copy of Windows 10 Pro if you want to save that money. You can make your own Windows 10 installation USB for free with this tool from Microsoft: It just doesn't include a license so you have to purchase a license separately, whether it's an OEM or a normal copy. Those changes by themselves save you quite a bit of money and we don't lose any performance for it, and can even gain some by going with the 3700X.

    That keeps you at/under that $2000 budget including the build cost
  • GwenBD94
    What are some affordable monitors you would recommend? I was looking at some monitors at my local navy exchange, but i am definitely interested in some other input.
  • TSTonyV
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    Do you know what size/resolution of monitor you'd be looking at? There's a lot of options out there that can work depending on your preferences. 
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