Help choosing parts for dual work/play PC

I'm trying to put together a PC that does both the tasks I need for my consulting work and also will allow me to play games on the weekends. I'm mostly worried about making sure everything is compatible and that I'm not making stupid mistakes. For context, my work involves large data sets and one of the statistical packages I regularly use, called Stata, stores data in physical memory, so RAM is a big need for me (50GB+). I also do have a few 100s of GB of data sets sitting around so I need a lot of hard drive space as well. My gaming is not serious whatsoever but I would like it to be exceedingly well-functioning. I don't do any streaming or anything--I just want everything to run super smoothly. 

I put together something in my budget but it's really hard to tell where I am overspending and underspending for my needs:

Can someone tell me if I'm over-doing things or if there are simple things I could do to improve the build without dramatically increasing the cost? I would like this to be pretty high-end so I don't have to do another build for 3-4 years. 



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    Overall your specs look like they're in line, but there are a few things I would change on this build. First, cooling. I wouldn't use that low profile cooler on a 10700K. If you're looking for a low cost solution, consider a tower cooler like the 212 EVO. It's a 159MM tall, it's a tight fit but you'll be able to close the side. Otherwise, I'd consider an AIO water cooler.

    Second, RAM. Switch to 2x32 over 4x16. Stick to the same frequency and same or better CAS latency. CL16 is good, you can do better, but you'll probably be shopping for B-Die and it's expensive. This will give you room to upgrade down the road.

    Power supply. It's adequate, but just adequate. And this power supply doesn't impress me at all. If you want to stick in the 650W that's fine, but look for a Corsair RMx, Seasonic Focus, or EVGA Supernova. I'd probably go to 750 and give yourself a little more room as well. Just for the longevity  of the power supply.
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    Thanks for the comments! This is super helpful.
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