Inland Premium 2TB firmware update?

    I can't seem to find any firmware update section of your web server, or specifically for the Inland Premium 2TB NVMe, but looking around the 'net I see there are some for the Phison E12 controller that this device with your name on it has. Would you please point me to the proper place for controller firmware updates for it?

thank you,


  • TSTonyV
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    We don't have any firmware updates for these SSDs as far as I'm aware. Is there any specific reason you need one? 
  • Curtis
    I want firmware updates.... I bought two 512 GB Inland Premium SSDs two weeks apart from the same store in August 2020. I noticed just today that both drives are on different firmware versions. There's no documentation anywhere (to my knowledge) to describe the installed firmware technical specs either... if there's no intention to provide ongoing software support for this hardware, the least that should be done is to ensure these things are consistent across versions. These are performance upgrade parts and I don't want  firmware version mismatches!

  • JS_MC
    Hello, @Curtis I've reached out to our buyers to see if there is a firmware update for these products.
    I can assure you that they go through rigorous internal testing. We do offer support and a warranty for all Inland products.
    If you're unsatisfied with the performance of the drive and you're within the 30 days of purchase, you may return it to the store where purchased. The drive does have a 3-year warranty as well. I'll be sure to share my findings once I've heard back from our buyers. Hope this info helps!
  • EricW
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    I've used a LOT of these drives and never had issues. However I have recently moved 1TB drives to a new laptop.  If I reboot from inside windows it comes up and can't find the drive.  I have to hard power off then it comes back up.  It also works just fine if I reboot from UEFI.  These are the types of issues the #1 step is to check for firmware updates its a bit disappointing that I may have to use the original 250GB drive for the OS and just put this in as the secondary.  I'm not a big fan of TLC drives under 500GB.  I know I'd be fine with Samsung but then again their 500GB model costs as much as a 1TB inland TLC drive!

    EDIT: The original plan was have both Inland drives in the laptop and possible do a drive mirror.  I'll try the 2nd drive but it is the same firmware revision...

    UPDATE: On of my 2TB drives had a much newer firmware 25.x vs 12.2.  Unfortunately it had the same issue so there may be some kind of compatibility issue with the 4800h Legion 5.  I can't even have it in the system or it has boot issues once windows loads...
  • I am also looking for a firmware of some sort, Windows recognizes it as a Generic 2 TB NVME SSD, it is installed into the second NVME port on my Lenovo Legion S7-15ACH6 Laptop, that along with adding a 32GB DDR 4 SODIMM are the only non OEM things I added to that machine, and device manager will not recognize the Inland Performance 2 TB NVME drive as anything but a generic 2 TB NVME drive, I have a 1 TB NGFF B key running on a NGFF to USB C adapter and a 1 TB NVME M-key SSD on a NVME to USB C adapter and Windows recognizes those as the brand and model number they are even though they are going through a USB C adapters, It also recognizes the Boot drive that is Installed in the laptop that came from Lenovo as the OEM drive as the brand and Model number that it is. The Inland Performance 2 TB Gen 4 NVME is the only one it sees as a generic NVME SSD, it still runs at Gen 4 speeds, The Inland was originally the expansion drive that I used for my PS5, before getting a faster drive for the PS5, I am wondering if having it in the PS5 somehow did something that had Windows recognize it as a generic drive, Yes I did format it to NTFS using disk manager, and I even tried reformatting using Diskpart but Windows still sees it as a Generic 2 TB NVME drive, any advice would be helpful.

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