Best Gaming PC for $1500 and lower

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Hey Folks! I was just looking to see if anyone had any recommendations on which gaming PC to purchase for $1500 or lower? Ive always gone Alienware and had NO issues. Loved them. They're just very overpriced. So, I was looking to go in a different direction here. Building a PC through this site seems to add up very quickly, so I'm not sure if that is the best route, or if there is already a superior pre built option on the site? Any insight would be great people! FPS and RPG is mainly what I play. No professional streaming or anything crazy like that. Thanks in advance for your help!


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @WasteOfMind00

    I highly recommend our PowerSpec PCs.  Here is what we have around that price mark, The PowerSpec G706.  It has a Ryzen 3700X and a 2070 Super.  Do keep in mind, we are likely going to make new PowerSpecs with 3000 Series GPUs for the same price as the current ones when the 3000 Series becomes more widely stocked.  
  • Those video cards look amazing! Do you think maybe in the next couple months they'll start being more stocked? Also, do you prefer AMD over intel?? Ive always used intel and never had any issues, but also have never used AMD and haven't heard much bad about them either

  • TSTonyV
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    AMD makes some really good CPUs right now. I personally have a 3700X that has been very good for me. 

    However, saying either AMD or Intel is "better" than the other isn't exactly straightforward. In terms of raw gaming performance, Intel still has the edge due to better single-threaded performance. But in terms of multi-threaded performance, AMD is more compelling and I think AMD definitely wins in terms of overall value as well. You'd be happy either way.

    If you're going for a high-end gaming build, then Intel is probably the way to go, but something more budget oriented or if you do anything that's more multi-thread intensive, AMD is the way to go. 
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