RGB fan help.

Hey guys,
I'm going to be putting together a new build soon and need support purchasing fans. 
I have a LianLi 011 Dynamic XL which has space for 10 120mm fans. I want to maximize airflow in the case so I was planning on doing 3 intake in the side, 3 intake on the bottom, and 3 exaust on top, and one exaust on the back. 
I have no RGB elements on the MB, Msi creator trx40, or ram. I want to get some rgb fans to really light up the build. 
I'm thinking about getting the NZXT aer rgb 2's for my build but want to know if I can support 10 of those fans, not to mention the 2 fans on my noctua cooler. 
I'm new to Pc building but I have pretty good knowledge so far. 
I just want to know:
Will my creator trx40 have enough connections to drive all of those fans?
Will the NZXT fan controller be able to support 10 fans (the fans daisy chain)? Fan controller link:

Finally: If I can support all these fans, is there a caveat? Will I be sacrificing certain connections on my MB just for rgb?

Hope you guys can help! Sorry if this post is in the wrong section, I'm new to this forum!


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    The fans on your Noctua cooler will have a CPU fan header on the board to use so you don't need to worry about those. 

    If you're going through a dedicated fan controller, you wouldn't really be sacrificing any slots on your motherboard. That said, I'm honestly not sure if you can support 10 fans from that controller or not. It looks like it has five slots and I assume a splitter should work, but there's nothing I can find that says there's a specific maximum. I did some searching online, but nothing looks definitive from what I found. 
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