I'd like to inquire about your services, specifically regarding the custom-built PCs:
  1. Based on your website, what are the details of the 5 tier builds you offer?
    How much would the starting cost be if the components/parts were purchased from different shops (assembly only)?
  2. I also saw that you have gift cards for Xbox and Nintendo only. Do you also offer gift cards for the custom PC building service?
    If so, what are the increments of the gift cards you offer? 
  3. Lastly, what is the process if we want to have custom-built gaming PCs? 
Hoping to hear from anyone soon. Thank you very much!


  • TSTonyV
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    The cost listed for each tier of build is just a flat labor charge for the assembly, and we determine what tier of build you would need based on the parts you bring in. If you click on each tier of build, it will tell you what is included with each one. 

    We have general gift cards that we sell in-store for in-store use, which can be used for service as well. 

    The process is pretty simple. Just bring in the parts you want built/purchase what you want from us, take them to the service desk, and we'll take care of it.  
  • Great! I appreciate your response. For the gift cards, may I ask if it can be made into any amount? Thanks!
  • Let's say, I want to give my sibling x amount for the PC, can it be done? What increments are allowed for the gift card?
  • TSTonyV
    TSTonyV ✭✭✭✭✭
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    We don't have specific increments for the gift cards, you can make them pretty much anything. 
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