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No idea what I am doing please help. 

I am looking to build a computer for work, I don't play games currently but you never know. Mainly I need a PC for work, need to be able to run multiple tasks at once, up to ten programs can be running simultaneously, I also need to run three screens. I feel like something out of a box might not be enough, but a gaming computer might be too much I have no Idea, my budget $800-1000 [removed email for privacy] If someone could reach out Id greatly appreciate it.  


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    Hi there! First things first, I removed your email from your post. Remember this is a public forum, anybody who clicks here can see what you say so it's best not to post personal information like that. 

    If you're wanting to run three monitors at once, there's a couple ways to do it. One way is to include a dedicate graphics card, even if it's a lighter one. The other way is using integrated graphics on a CPU. However, even if you have integrated graphics on your CPU, most motherboard chipsets will only allow two monitors to be connected to the integrated graphics, and you'd have to use something like a USB to HDMI adapter to add a third. There's nothing wrong with that of course, it just means one of your USB ports is taken. 

    If by "something out of box" you mean pre-built vs a custom build, you wouldn't have to build a system just for this. You could easily get something under $1000 that's pre-built that will do what you need. Our Powerspec G507 or G163, for example.
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