Service to Install Processor and Heat Sink on Motherboard?

Does Microcenter have a service to install a processor and heat sink onto a motherboard? I am going to be buying all 3 at Microcenter in MN but do not want to have to do this part. I am afraid of not doing it right.
I7 Intel Coffee Lake on a GigabyteZ390 Gaming X motherboard and a suitable heat sink.


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @Dannomnmg

    Out cost for the service of installing a processor is $79.99 and the installation of a heatsink is also $79.99.  Are you also looking to install a motherboard or is it already installed?  
  • i have a case and will install the board myself. So 160 for the processor and heat sink?
  • TSTonyV
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    I don't think it'd $160 just for those two components. Full custom builds start at $149.99, so if they did need to do a combined charge I imagine they'd just do that instead. You'll need to check directly with the service desk at your local store since it would ultimately be their judgment on how to do the labor charges, but I imagine they'd probably combine them in some way. 

    Of course, installing a processor is actually pretty easy so personally I think if you're comfortable putting your motherboard in your case, you should just install the CPU as well (unless you don't have it yet). 
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