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New PowerSpec PC - No display and high fan RPM after a cold boot

I purchased a PowerSpec PC in March of this year.  The PC runs like a champ but if it's completely shut down I get a black screen on power up during POST.  The fans also run at a higher RPM.  I've tried alternate video ports to see if I can get into BIOS but none of those work either.

This does not happen during a warm boot.

As a workaround I've had to unplug and discharge the PC power supply, unplug power to the NVIDIA card and reseat the card in the PCI slot.  This resolves the issue for that boot only.  A subsequent cold boot repeats the original problem.

I've build dozens of PCs over the past 20 years and this smells like a motherboard issue to me.  I'd assume this PC is still under warranty as it was purchased less than 6 months ago.  I haven't had any luck getting anyone on the phone to schedule a repair/warranty, but if I'm missing something easy I'm open to going that route.


  • When say cold boot and warm boot, do you mean shut down vs sleep, or are you actually turning of the PSU switch/unplugging the PSU on a cold boot? 

    Our Powerspecs come with a 1-year warranty so you're definitely still within that, and I would lean towards a likely hardware issue causing this, though it's hard to say 100%. Have you gone in and tried restoring any BIOS defaults or re-seating any other components in the system like the RAM or PSU cables?
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