Watercooling Case Suggestions


Suffering from "paralysis by analysis" when choosing a new case for my upcoming PC. My current PC does not have enough "horsepower" for the new Star Wars Squadrons game. My old rig is powered by i7-6700k with no overclocking since I could only find a B250 motherboard because my old power supply fried z170 motherboard.

Here my partial part list as I would watercooler the CPU and possibliy GPU.


Performance is paramount but I also want it to be centerpiece for my desktop.

Here are the cases, I am considering:

  • Be Quiet PureBase 
  • 500 DX Fractal Design 
  • Meshify S2 
  • Lian-Li LanCool II-X 
  • Lian-Li LanCool II-Mesh 
  • Phanteks P400A 
  • Phanteks Evolv-X

Open to any other suggested as well. One my favorite cases ever was Cooler Master CM690 II.


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