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I'm fairly new to pc gaming, and I need help understanding and choosing parts. I am currently on a prebuilt computer (MSI Trident 3) and I need to upgrade. I want to be able to stream, and I'd say around half or so of the games I play are open-world/very demanding graphics wise. I don't have an exact price point, I just want to make sure all the parts work together and that the system doesn't bottleneck.

I am looking at getting the 3070 or possibly even a 3080 since the price is much cheaper than the 20 series with a massive performance increase. I was looking at a Ryzen 7 processor, but I don't know if that will bottleneck my GPU or not. I am also unsure of what motherboard I should get, but I know I want 4 dim slots. For the type of memory, case, and power supply I have no clue.

If anyone could help me figure out what I need or if I need to think of getting a different GPU/CPU I would be so grateful.


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    Don't worry too much about bottlenecking. Intel will hold the advantage in terms of in-game FPS, but as long as you're not on super far ends of the performance spectrum with your GPU and CPU you should be fine. Ryzen will still perform well. 

    The main question is what kind of budget do you have? that would help us better determine what would fit your needs best. 
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