Can/Would my local Micro Center order a product they don't normally carry?

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I'm doing a new computer build in preparation for Zen3 and want to get most of my parts ahead of time so I don't have to do a mad dash all at once.  
Specifically I want to get a Fractal Celcius+ S28 AIO, but according to the website, Micro Center doesn't normally carry it. 
Is there a way I could have it ordered personally through Micro Center so I could pick it up with other parts I want to buy at Micro Center?   
And while I have this thread up. I notice the Gigabyte B550i has been oos for a while. Would I also be able to have an extra one ordered for me to make sure I get one?


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    We don't do special orders for products we don't carry. I think it's unlikely we'd be able to do a special order for the motherboard, however that is an item we should be trying to restock somewhat frequently. I would keep an eye on the website and if you see one show up you can always place a reservation on it. 
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