The Shiva build - Micro Center Build

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imageThe Shiva build - Micro Center Build

Hello! This is my MSI build. The rig was built back in 2018 after my brother had bought a CyberPower prebuild and showed me the power of a gaming PC firsthand as I had been a console gamer my whole life. I built this rig solely for gaming and some of the

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  • Collin
    Didn’t expect to win but damn I’m a 2018 graduate had very little money to spend on a pc out of high school, I built this from the ground with 0 outside help besides a bit of gpu preference from my brother. Anybody who looks at the sum of these parts knows that a lot of work when into this build specifically the individual parts chosen for the build. Ryzens just came out, I had zero experience and still went in, disabled cstates and cool and quiet, manually oced my processor among other things. BEFORE this stuff was common knowledge. I set the preground for my brother to then go and build his AM4. A 1660 super pushing 200 FPS uncapped gsyncsd and 2K resolution on my brand new Samsung g7(that I’ll be returning due to gaync flicker).
  • Collin
    Squad runs 100 FPS UlTRA everything SCENAMATIC affects with ZERO hitch, ZERO tearing. I’d say I did a swell job. Just didn’t realize this contest was about who had money to spend and not actual build quality. I custom loop sounds nice yes, although this is my first build, also not something I’m all too worried about as I actually care that my pc runs properly before doing a bunch of aesthetics just to make things harder. Where are the bdyes?? I built this a month after the first bdyes hit the line so there’s no excuse for a $4000 rig rocking cl16 sticks
  • Collin
    Anyways thanks for choosing builds that are just way out of the realm of possibility for me, I’ll remember that microcenter
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