RTX 3080 not performing as it should

On the 17th I was one of those lucky souls who managed do grab an RTX 3080 (and AIB not an FE) and it isn't quite performing as it should, and I am a little lost as to why. Firstly, my whole system specs are an i7-8700k (a slight bottleneck I know, but it shouldn't be making it perform significantly worse than my 2070 did), 32 gb DDR4-3200, and I'm running on 1440p 165 hz. My PSU while old, is still an 80+ bronze evga supernova 750w so it should do the trick. I made sure to install it an a PCIe x16 slot, I deleted the old drivers using DDU, (originally used Windows add remove programs, but after I installed the card and it was having issues I decided to really make sure) installed the new drivers through GeForce experience. DXdiag recognizes that I have a 3080, and so does every game. It idles at about 27c so I don't think its thermals, and I am getting no more than 10% usage in games. DXdiag also says the driver model for my second display is WDDM 2.6 if that helps at all. Any advice is appreciated, and if you need more information I will gladly give it. 


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    Either you haven’t optimised nvidia control panel settings to allow high performance and high power draw, or your games are using your igpu. Go to the game tab in windows settings and there should be an advanced options. Add your game to that list and set it to high performance. That should prioritise your gpu within the application 
  • cucuchu
    Which AIB is it? Might be an issue with your connection to PSU. Sounds like it could also be a driver issue. Keep us posted.
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    Also make sure you have two separate PCIE cables from the PSU to the GPU (don't use the single cable that splits to two connectors).
  • Vile
    Since when is an 8700k a bottleneck?
  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    I would recommend downloading the Time Spy benchmark off Steam. Lets get some numbers to compare it to first.
  • You are not alone because there are reports on Nvidia forum, reddit etc..that the cards are having some issues. What everyone said above for troubleshooting advice but you probably already know that. Also with the PSU you need two seperate power connections and I recommend one from each power rail if the 80+ bronze is capable or you maybe starving the card. I would never buy a new GPU right out of the gate because you are likely to run into these very issues. It isn't time tested and proven and support is limited. I mean you can ask the bots. They may have an answer. This card is going to go through so many changes behind the scenes and I bet most people will end up with power hungry brick and it's a terrible investment considering there will most likely be a 20gb or Ti variant and you will be struggling to sell it. I waited 9 months before I upgraded my 1080ti to the 2080ti and today it's still going strong. Hopefully the issues get worked out for you. 
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