Issues regarding new custom built PC.

I recently bought parts for a custom PC at Microcenter. The PC works fine after I built it but there are some issues that I can't seem to solve. I would really appreciate any help in solving these problems. I bought all the parts new except for the graphics card in store and its been 2 weeks since the purchase of all the parts. Ryzen 5 3600 (CPU), GTX 1650 (GPU), B450 Auros Pro Wifi (Motherboard) are the main components.
1. When I try to open the bios my monitor says no output (monitor connected to the GPU).
2. When I turn on the PC for the first time my monitor says no output. To fix this I need to restart the PC using the power button and it works. Although, it gets tiresome to constantly do this every time I turn the PC on. I needed a permanent fix to this solution.
3. Lastly, when finally turn the PC on it is stuck on a really low resolution and when I go to change it in the windows resolution settings there are only 2 really low resolutions available. To fix this I have to remove the cable (from the monitor) and plug it back in to make the resolution change to 1080p. I have to do this every time I turn the PC on and is really bothering me. I feel like the problem is with the graphics card but I can't seem to figure out what exactly.

I would really appreciate any solutions of these problems. Thank you.


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