3080 restock when?

Hi so when will you guys restock the 3080s rtx at the duluth georgia micro center


  • TSTonyV
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    Honestly we don't know for sure. We're trying to restock items as quickly as possible but restocks and availability haven't been consistent. It may take a little bit for supply to normalize. 
  • I’m a shopper at st David’s pa micro center I’ve been trying to get a rtx 3080 since they came out I’m a hour away from the store I’ve came before opening a few times stopped in bunch of other times just to be told nothing today I work everyday so I can’t be there everyday at opening the other day I’m finding out the website isn’t being updated at all nobody picks up the phone at the store on the text there saying they have no clue what’s at the store my girlfriend has been trying to get me one for my birthday Ready to run as soon as it comes up when will at least the website be accurate or phones be answered so I at least have a chance to get one It’s impossible to go there everyday like I’m being told 
  • JS_MC
    Hi @Sean10011985 and welcome to the community!
    Unfortunately, due to the limited availability and high interest in the new 30 series cards, we're sold out of all inventory at the moment. We're waiting on the production and shipment of new cards right now. Until we received a large volume of new stock, we're not sure exactly when that will happen. We're expediting shipments whenever possible to get more cards to the store as soon as possible. Hopefully, we will receive new inventory quickly! Thanks for understanding!
  • GuyWylie
    Nvidia launched this generation with so little inventory they would be hard to get if given the worst reviews ever. I saw a list from a large European retailer that had numbers of cards ordered and received, all AIB'S and received cards might as well be zero. Then a quick count of the reviews on Newegg is only 270, and I doubt that even another 100 customers haven't left their own 2 cents, so the biggest tech E-tailor in the US has gotten under 500 3080's is just ridiculous. On the bright side AMD's upcoming 6000 series will probably be better, since they'd probably want to keep more customers than pull anything like Nvidia's greatest paper launch ever. I know I'm pretty turned off by it. 
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