Computer won't start- new psu, ram, cpu, and mobo

Randomly shortly after a windows update my computer came up and I was watching something on Youtube when both of my monitors went out. My computer was still running. I powered if off and tried to start again. it beeped a few times rapidly and then powered off. Shortly after I smelt a burning smell and opened up my computer to see if anything was noticeable. I found  nothing.  After doing some short research I figured I'd get a new PSU. Note--- This computer setup had been working fine for 12 years with only a swapped out graphics card and added the  coolmaster hypo evo 212 to the cpu
The power supply( 650 power spec gq)worked in my guest computer.. but after setting it  up in my box I got a single beep or bzzt from the power supply. I'm assuming this means it turned off to prevent overcurrent/heat etc. I then used an extra computer and pulled off everything except power to mobo and cpu. The guest computer's fans spun but mine didn't.
Finally, I was like.. well then it is the cpu or the mobo. I got new cpu, mobo, ram. Popped them all in and same issue. I then ran the same setup with just cpu and mobo power and nothing. The computer doesn't start just a single beep from the PSU. No fans spin at all. The CPU is i5 10600k lga 1200 with the tuf gaming z-490 plus mobo both new.
I tried hundreds of things..  power with CPU not mobo, taking out fans, taking out usb, unplugged my heatsink, removed the graphics card and ram, tried one stick of ram in the correct slot, cleaned the dust, made sure the mobo wasn't too tightly screwed in or possibly shorting itself, tried different surge protector and outlets, double checked that the powerleds, pwr sw, and reset were all on the correct spots.
The worst part is I'm still not sure what the problem is. Any help would be great thanks.
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