sharonville ohio 3090 launch?!

Does anyone know if the sharonville location will have 3090 launch day?! Also I keep seeing something about vouchers. How does that work?


  • JS_MC

    Q.) How many will you have in stock?

    A.) We are expecting a very limited quantity of cards for the RTX 3090 launch on Thursday 24th. We anticipate quantities of less than 20 per store.  We are working hard to get these cards in as quickly as possible, and are going above and beyond our normal shipping processes.

    Q.) How many vouchers will be handed out?

    A.) Stores will be handing out vouchers for the cards in stock at that location.


  • So are the vouchers handed out the morning of or night before?
  • JS_MC
    From my understanding, they are going to be handed out at the store opening in the morning. Though I can't promise anything. I know we're expecting 20 on launch day, if possible, I'd recommend checking your local store to see if there's a line. From other users posts here on the community, I'd expect there to be several already waiting for the new cards.
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