Need Help Choosing Parts

I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice. Budget is around  $2k, using this mostly for video, simulation gaming (modded CitySkylines), RTS gaming, 3D designing.  I talked a little with an AMD rep at a trade show a bit back, and it was suggested I do liquid cooling, but haven't done a build with that before.
Any advice would be welcome.


  • JS_MC
    I'd recommend changing your SSD to an M.2 drive. I'd also recommend a more powerful GPU. The upcoming RTX 3070 release will far outperform the GTX 1070 that you've selected. It's reported to be at $499 price at release on Thursday, October 15th. Its release will most likely change the price of current GPUs available. So you might find a better deal if you wait a short while.
    Otherwise, I think you've got a good build set there.
  • Thank you for your feedback, LandShark.  I haven't built in a long time, so the M.2 drives are new to me, switched that over.  I have a 1TB hybrid drive from my existing computer I plan on utilizing in this build as well.  For the GPU, would something like the RTX2060 be better?  I'm not sure how the performance difference between 6GB vs 8GB of memory on the card would be.
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    That's understandable. The NVMe/M.2 drives can offer a nice performance increase and you don't have to worry about cables. The 2060 would be a better performing card than the 1070, however, I would recommend waiting for the 3000 cards, as they may decrease the price on the 2000 series cards. You'll see more performance increase from more CUDA cores than you might from 2GB of GPU RAM.
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