Trying to figure out how to make my first PC

I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice. I am trying to make my first pc build but was unsure the best route to go. I am trying to keep the price down while still getting the performance needed.


  • JS_MC
    Hi @Vinchenzo09 Welcome to the Community!

    I have some questions for you about your build - What's your budget? What is the performance that you are trying to obtain? What tasks will you be giving your new PC? Is it to be used for gaming or perhaps rendering or something else entirely?
  • I will just be gaming and one of my favorites is Call of Duty. My budget is around 800 dollars. The performance is trying to run call of duty as close to 144 FPS as possible.
  • JS_MC
    I think you've done a great job sticking to your budget here. In Warzone, you'll be getting frame rates that range from 90-130, depending on the environment. I would recommend waiting for a bit if possible, the release of the 3000 series cards from NVIDIA and the upcoming release from AMD may greatly change the cost of the GPU that you're interested in. and it could mean a better price for the same performance, or better performance for a similar price!
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