Streaming and Gaming Build Recommendation 4k budget

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I am just lost and really need help. My budget is max 3.5k. I'm intimidated by water cooling, but open to it. For sure I want Elgato - HD60 S for game capture. 


  • JS_MC
    Hey, @robolox22. Should this budget include your monitors and or other accessories? (Such as your mouse and keyboard) What kind of games will you be playing and streaming? What resolution would you be playing at? Also, what resolution would you be streaming at?
    Water cooling with a custom loop will definitely add to the cost of your system, but it has its advantages. That being said, it's not required by any means. You can easily cool your system using an air cooler or an AIO. I'd say the decision goes to what you prefer aesthetically and then if your budget can afford it.

    Here's a pretty maxed out system that's still within your budget. It does not include the aforementioned monitor or keyboard and mouse but I'd recommend getting at least a 1440p monitor with this build.

    I look forward to your response and I'd be happy to discuss any tweaks or changes you'd like to make to the build based on your preferences!
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