Powerspec 1530 Hard Drives

Can the Powerspec 1530 be outfitted with additional drives?
On the board there is a connection for an additional m.2 and a space for a traditional 2.5" drive.
Neither of the hard drives I added are being detected by the bios


  • I know it's been a while since you asked this question, but I was able to put in another Western Digital Black M.2 drive and it's working just fine. Since the drive I put in was unformatted, I had to go to the Windows Disk Management utility to format the drive before I could start using it.
    BTW, did you also have trouble getting to the internals? It was such a pain. I didn't realize that you had to pop the keyboard off to reveal two other screws holding the backplate. Glad I didn't try to pry it open, although I damaged a piece of the thin plastic near the USB port.
  • JS_MC
    Sorry to see we missed this question!
    @OneKillaVolt You're correct about being able to add more storage devices to the 1530.
    It is quite a delicate piece of hardware, no prying or bending should be required to access the internals. Glad you used proper care!
  • ddrieg

    On the MC website, 1530 SPECS tab, it lists, EXPANSION: Expansion Slots: 3 PCIe M.2 Slots, 1 Available

    When MC fixed the speakers of my OpenBox, I bought and added a second NVMe drive while the case was open.

    I should have looked closer or taken a photo, but from above, I read that there's a space for a 2.5 SSD as well (not listed on the SPECS tab)? If its possible to add, does anything special need to be done to get the system to recognize a 2.5 SSD as well as I see for WarMacheen above that one was not being detected?


  • TSTDavey

    @ddrieg just chiming in. Yes I believe the Powerspec 1530 15.6" gaming laptop should have an empty 2.5" SSD slot that you can add a a 2.5" SSD. Assuming you'd be using it as a 2ndary drive, you'd just have format it through windows in disk management.

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