Iceberg - Micro Center Build

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imageIceberg - Micro Center Build

The story of this build starts with an X601 prebuilt with a 9600K and 1070Ti. I wanted something watercooled, and that was an excellent entry-level water cooled PC. It has morphed and molded to be what it is today - some of the changes include switching

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  • pecosROB
    GG's on the September Showcase contest! Love your build! (Mine is D4RKSYDE)
    I came here to ask a question though, looks like we both run Dominator RGB 3200 sticks - yours are the 4x8 GB? And you were able to push it to 3600? I have the 2x16 and I wonder if I can do the same... thinking about trying but don't want to fry them... What you upgrading with your gift card? Waiting for 3080 stock to come in? :-)
  • JS_MC
    Yes, Congrats on the win @Cbreezy1101! @pecosROB I've seen others with the same kit, able to reach an overclocked 3600. Do you have any experience overclocking RAM? If not, there are many helpful guides out there and I'd be happy to talk with you about it. The key is to ensure that you do it in stepped increments and that it's stable once you're happy with the overclock!
  • Gixxer
    Nice looking build
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