Funko pops

Can you guys put funko pops in pc builds?


  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @SP00KEYSN00PY

    You can!  They may interrupt airflow if placed in certain places in the case such as right behind an intake fan but it does add some personality to the build.

    I personally don't have a Funko Pop in my build, but I have an acrylic stand of an anime girl instead.  
  • Enamelized
    You sure can and I've done them in a couple of my cases.You also find that some people actually might do a whole theme around a Pop and add it in for the extra visual.  The one thing I might say is if it's a Pop that doesn't stand up too well try and put some double sided take on the feet/stand to help it stay up and not fall if your case could get bumped
    Here's a Zombie Hulk Pop I'm using. Good luck

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