Micro Center incorrect stock quantities

Recently, I've been placing a lot of online orders for instore pickup. It's been very frustrating when an item shows adequate stock, I place an order, wait 18 minutes only to get an email saying that the item is not in stock and that I should reorder the item when it is restocked. The next day, the stock quantities goes back to what it was the day that I placed my order but there is still not stock. Micro Center should have a way to manually adjust the available quantity to zero when an item cannot be located to fulfill an order. Hopefully that would cause the item to be restocked rather than the shelf remaining empty. A database entry that shows "6 available" when the actual quantity is zero will likely cause that item to never be restocked.


  • JS_MC
    I'm sorry to hear that you've had this experience with our reservation system! Please expect an email from me about this. I'd like to get more information about your order so that we can correct this! Thank you.
  • cartman
    So this still remains a problem. I had an employee of my local MC store contact me via email to apologize and offer to obtain my requested quantity from another store so I can do a local pickup. I never heard back from him. The quantity did briefly go to zero so I thought the problem was fixed when I saw the quantity go back up. I placed another order only to find that there is zero stock. Not sure how a computer store cannot figure out how to correct an invalid stock quantity. This makes the 18-minute promise more of a 18-minute crap shoot. I used to be able to order something that was shown in stock and start driving to MC to pick it up. Now I have to wait to find out if the item is really in stock. Fortunately, the item I am looking for is available from a reliable online seller.
  • TSKevinG
    Good afternoon Cartman

    I do apologize that you are still having issues with our Website and the inventory it is showing.  We want to try and give the best experience we can with our system so i am going to send over another message directly to you to get more information on the most recent order you had  an issue with.  Again i do apologize for these issues.
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