New build, Graphics Card trouble 4 weeks later

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Hi!  I would like to come to the tech counter and wait for my graphics card to be diagnosed instead of drop off.  Is that possible to wait even nearby the store during the appointment instead of leaving it overnight?   


  • JS_MC
    Hi, @Glenn. That would depend on the wait time of our service department and the issue that your GPU is having. Typically our service department is quite busy and we have a queue of items waiting to be serviced. Our service department works on a first come first serve basis. I'd recommend coming into the store and speaking with a technician.
  • i shop at st David’s microcenter I live about a hour away I’ve been out front before open a few days I work everyday so I can’t all the time I’m just now finding out the website is not accurate on text they say they can’t tell me any information besides just call and check or come to the store and check I’ve done that for days just to be told everything is gone can’t tell you anything how can I go about finding any information before wasting more hours when will the website be accurate at least my birthday is on October 1st my girlfriend was ready to run to the store as soon as it came up online or anything what can I do to figure out a day to get in line or anything 
  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @Sean10011985

    Are you having issues with a new graphics card or are do you have questions for the 3000 series GPUs?  If it's the latter, you are on the wrong thread and I recommend going to our 3000 Series FAQ and Discussion; 
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