New build and Warzone won't start up--getting GPU Microsoft Basic Render Error message

My son so frustrated.  He's got his new build--about $900 plus microsoft, so a decent gaming build.  He's downloaded Warzone and trying to open it to play he gets this message:   "The game couldn't start b/c your Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) Microsoft Basic Render Driver is not supported" (and that's after a message that says we don't have enough VRAM but if you click "play anyway" the above error message about GPU/Microsoft render driver comes up.  The older brother of a friend built the system for our son, and he's not done it many times, so I need to figure out if it's a build error??  Thanks for any suggestions.


  • JS_MC
    Hi @Gamer_Rent! Sorry to hear that you're having these difficulties. Could you please share what your system specs are? If you're not sure, you can quickly find this in Windows 10 by opening the Task Manager and selecting the Performance tab. It will list your CPU, Memory, and GPU.
    Here's an example I've found.

    You most likely have an integrated video card. The game is trying to use it instead of your Video Card. You'll want to disable it.

    You can do this by going to Device manager > Display Adapters. Right-click on the display that's NOT your video card and then select DISABLE. Ensure that you have any displays plugged into your video card before doing so!

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