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To began with the type of stream im doing is for twitch, my mother and i are working really hard to get my self a descent PC so i can reach my dream to be a VTuber. and to be honest if i really won this price it would help a lot economically speaking.
second, my chosen streaming accessory is actually two, a webcam and a mic and here is why, since i want to be a VTuber i really need a good microphon quality and a cam so my character would be able to catch my reactions or my gestures, and the microphone quality is because no one wants to watch a stream with trash audio quality, they would leave an wont come back for the same reason. so if i have to chose between a cam or a mic i will go for the mic because for the reason i explain.
postscript: im sorry if you dot get some part of my explanetion, iam a english learner, and its kinda dificult to me to explain other people what im thinking in english.


  • JS_MC
    Hi @WeepyAnemone and welcome to the community!
    I noticed that this exact post was also added to our current Streaming Must-haves contest. Did you want advice or help with selecting streaming accessories or did you accidentally duplicate your post?
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