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Hi everyone, I'm building a pc for the first time. I've done some research but can't say I completely understand the process. My goal is to make a mid-level gaming pc but with enough capabilities for other projects like in Unity, Adobe, and some light 3D modeling.
Main concerns:
  • A friend said I might be overkill on the Ryzen 3900 choice. 
  • I don't know about my video card choice.  
Games I play are PS3/Xbox 360 era games and some current gen choices. e.g. Yakuza series, CoD.
Thanks for any help!


  • JS_MC
    Welcome to the community!
    I'd say that your friend could be right, but really it depends on what you want. The more CPU power you have the quicker you can render certain projects. What's your budget for this build? Also, in the games you mentioned, what's your FPS target and what resolution do you plan to play at? If you're not sure about those, what monitor will you use?
  • CloudEsper
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    Budget is looking like $1100-1500 but might go a little over. I've struggled a lot in the past with the CPU so I'd be ok giving myself extra room there. But my friend said I could cut back on the CPU for a better GPU. 
    I'm not sure about resolution but I want at least 60 FPS. The monitor I'm currently using is Acer KA 242Y bi 23.8". 
    @LandShark thank you for the welcome! I hope I can participate more. 
  • JS_MC
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    Since you mentioned that you're using an Acer KA242Y bi, I've made a few changes to your system. Your Acer monitor can display at 1920 x 1080@75 Hz.

    The CPU is more than enough to handle the workload that you've mentioned. You can easily upgrade your GPU without worrying about a bottleneck.
    I think that your case is up to you. Definitely a preference thing. Choose what looks best and fits your needs.
    I did remove the cooler that you selected since the 3700X comes with a Prism Wraith Cooler. Which will do a fantastic job of cooling your CPU. If you feel that you need to upgrade, you can. I ran my Prism Wraith for nearly a year and only changed because I wanted a different look for my build.
    The CPU Cooler comes with thermal paste pre-applied, so you won't need any additional paste. Again, this is your choice if you want to use a different paste, but it isn't required.

    I noticed that you didn't include any storage devices for your build. I'd recommend as a solid option.

    With all these changes, you're still $60 over budget. You can either choose a smaller M.2 Drive and add an HHD to balance your capacity. If you're not wanting to upgrade your GPU in the future, I'd recommend taking a step down for your CPU. That would put you within your budget.
    Let me know your thoughts!
  • I see your point on the CPU. In that case, I'll work with the Ryzen 7. 
    I might consult someone in-store about the case. I just chose mine randomly for the cost estimate. 
    I left out storage bc I was hoping to just transfer my current SSD over. But it looks like I'm wrong on that. I don't suppose a 2.5 in 7mm SSD can be used? If not, that's ok. But I do need that space capacity for all my files.
  • JS_MC
    You should be able to transfer your SSD over. I didn't realize that you had planned to transfer it over. Our associates in the store are amazing and they'll be able to answer any questions you may have! Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns! I'd be happy to assist.
  • CloudEsper
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    Yeah I'll definitely talk to them when I go in. This is a new process for me after all. I'll finalize the list and try to get more feedback this week. Thank you so much for your help! 
  • CloudEsper
    @LandShark Hey, I just have one more question, regarding the power supply. 
    I found a power supply calculator and apparently my equipment need about 400 watts. The PSU I selected supplies 650 W. Is there a danger of over supplying power? Or do I need to choose a different unit?
  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @CloudEsper

    There is no danger for over supplying power and it can actually be "nicer" if you care about sound as the fan won't start spinning until the PSU does take wattage closer to the limit and begins heating up.  
  • CloudEsper
    Ah I think I understand. Thank you! I might finally be done selecting parts now.
  • TSTonyV
    TSTonyV ✭✭✭✭✭
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    In addition to that, an "overpowered" PSU will leave some wiggle room for future upgrades should you decide to go with a higher powered CPU or GPU. 650W is enough for most high-end setups and you're not usually running at peak power consumption anyway. 

    Seasonic makes good PSUs that should last you quite a long time. 

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