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I created this list of parts using this website for a person I want to help in building a PC, and I am unsure of my own capabilities. I am wondering if these parts are compatible or if I may be missing something. I am always willing to learn.

I should mention that I am over their budget of 1000USD, yet I want to ensure that they can run games like Sea of Thieves, Overwatch, and Modern Warfare at 100fps (so they don't have to upgrade anytime soon). I should also mention that it still needs a wifi card (~50USD) added to its pricing. They have a keyboard, headset, and mouse.


  • Niman_S
    So, I used that motherboard in my previous builds and had no problems with it. I have changed the case(good case,but there are better and more expensive)  as well because the mobo is matx. For the ssd it is better to get m.2 nvme and at least 512gb. PSU from PowerSpec is also pretty solid, using one in my personal rig for almost a year and no issues. Also, I usually that PowerSpec psu in my budget builds for sale and no complaints.
    Windows 10 key... There are places to get keys and they are legit.
    For the monitor, I recommend something at least 24" and at least 144hz. The one that I have chosen is decent, you can also check amazon for something similar.
    One more thing, If are buying your parts from MicroCenter always check what they have open box. For example, here in NYC 1660 super was $190 or some mobos 20-25 bucks less. It is always good to save some, especially if you getting it from a legit store and getting a warranty.

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    Hey @Skaal and welcome! 
    The build list you shared is pretty solid that will achieve your target FPS at 1080p.
    If you were looking to bring it down closer to your budget I would recommend removing the fans and the thermal paste as a start. The case you've selected comes with fans that perform well, and the Ryzen CPU comes with a cooler that has thermal paste pre-applied.

    If you want to bring it even closer, I'd recommend changing the Ryzen 3600 to a Ryzen 3400G. Thought you may start to see a bottleneck.
    I would agree with what @Niman_S mentioned regarding the open-box deals. It's a great way to save on new parts. Just ensure that everything you need is still in the box. It should have a large yellow label on it detailing the status of the item. Also, I would try to make room in your budget for a larger SSD. Some games, like COD:MW are quite large, meaning you've only be able to install it, and perhaps one other game on the current SSD.

    The last change that I made was to move to a motherboard that had WiFi onboard. With this, you wont need to take up an additional PCIe or USB slot, and it's still at the same price as the one you selected.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. I'd be happy to discuss this further!
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