Windows installation on new pc build isn't working


Alright, so I recently built a new pc. It turned on and successfully loaded into the BIOS. So, I decided to go ahead and install windows on it. I downloaded and executed the Windows Media Creation Tool and plugged the USB flash drive into my new pc. I made sure the boot order for the drives was in the correct order so that the USB flash drive would be first. I then restarted the pc and it booted to a windows logo. It then continued to restart the same process without restarting the actual computer (process: no signal, flashing underscore, windows logo, no signal, etc.) The next day, I tried the same thing and it actually got to the setup page. I then went through the setup process and it completed the "installing Windows" steps listed at the end of the setup. The system then restarted so I took out the USB flash drive (like they say you're supposed to). I looked like it was going to load windows until an error message appeared saying something along the lines of "windows was not installed properly." I tried this process again tonight and the same process as it did the first time (process: no signal, flashing underscore, windows logo, no signal, etc.).

I guess my main questions are 1) has this happened to other people and 2) is it a motherboard issue or a USB flash drive issue. I can provide further details if you need them. Any help is appreciated.


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    Greetings @ActionTrooper27

    For the error you're on press Shift + F10 and type: regedit

    Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > System > Setup > Status > Child Completion. On the right, double click on setup.exe. The value should be a 1. Change it to 3. Press "Ok", then File > Exit. Press the "Ok" button and let the system restart itself and it should proceed on into the setup. Let us know what happens at that point.
  • ActionTrooper27
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    Hello @TSMikeW

    It sounds like you're assuming I have Windows 10 installed on my system (although I could be wrong). I'd just like to say that I don't have it installed. The problem is it won't properly install.

    Thanks for the comment! Let me know if I'm not understanding it correctly. I'm very new to pc building so the possibility of me missing something is very high. 
  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @ActionTrooper27

    So first thing I want to try is a CMOS reset by removing the CMOS battery on the motherboard while the system is off.  Then put it back in after 15 seconds.  This should reset the BIOS.  If you do not boot from the Flash Drive again, try recreating the Windows Boot Media from a different Flash Drive.  With this, we can try ruling out the Flash Drive being the issue.  
  • PowerSpec_MikeW
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    The end of your post indicated you were up to a black screen with a message box stating something like "Windows could complete the installation, please restart the computer to install". I don't recall the exact verbiage, but you can get past this and complete the installation a few ways. One is what I posted above. The other is Shift + F10 then:

    cd oobe

    To manually start the out of box experience, that may work. It is unusual you're having these problems and it, and there are a few causes. Sounds like you're experiencing the system hanging on POST at times, then hanging trying to access the boot device. The restart while loading windows, could be instability. If we can push the OS install further, we may get another failure, but it may be more clear what's going on. exactly. List your specs. 
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