Need Help Choosing Parts

The last time I built a computer was in high school, and dual core processors and ddr2 RAM had just come out, having 1GB of RAM was impressive, and 100GB was a big hard drive. To say I'm out of touch is an understatement. I want to build a beast of a computer and spend 2k or less. I put this list together just scrolling through the different custom pc builder options and ended up over my budget a bit. Would love some insight from you lot, who are much more up to speed with the newest tech. Thank you!

I put this parts list together and am looking for some advice.


  • mwilson
    I know it said to list games you want to play and things you want to do. I literally want to have the option to do anything I want and not worry if the PC can handle it. That might be too general, and maybe is dumb, but thats what I wan't. I want to be able to play any game without having to worry about being able to run it, watch and stream various media crisply and smoothly, do video editing, and have multiple things running at the same time.
  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @mwilson

    So first off, what resolution are you planning to play games at?  Is your monitor 1080p or 1440p or even 4k?  

    There are definitely things you can do to lower your budget, like picking less blingy Corsair RAM.  Your NZXT Case is also the H710, which is made for eATX Motherboards.  Your motherboard will fit fine into it, just the case is extra big for bigger motherboards.  You will want to change that case to the NZXT H510.  You also do not need an Internal Blu Ray Reader as modern cases do not have spots for such drives to be easy access.  Lastly the Corsair LL140s, these use a special proprietary plug that plugs into the Corsair RGB Hubs.  The individual fans do not come with this RGB Hub HOWEVER the Bundle packs do.  You will want to look to either getting the LL120 3x Bundle Pack or the Corsair LL140 2x Bundle Pack.  

    Here are those changes I made;

    I ended up removing the 3x Noctua Case Fans as there are not enough Fan Headers on the motherboard to support 5 Fans.  You will want to use a Fan Splitter or a Fan Hub to have extra fan headers.  As is though, I think the 2 140mm Fans is a lot of intake and you can set the default fans that come with your case as exhaust.  
  • mwilson
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    @TSPhillipT 1080P or better. Thank you for this!
  • TSPhillipT
    I think the 2060 is great for 1080p gaming however if you are looking to game at 1440P, you may want to look at a 2070 Super 
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