MicroCenter, you are so frustrating!

I hate that my first post on this forum is negative, as Microcenter overall has been a positive place for me.  BUT...  I live on a small farm out in the country.  Farm life is super busy all the time, and driving in to town is an event that takes planning.  I finally got a few free hours tonight (Sunday evening) to put my new PC together from the parts I got from MicroCenter in town about 10 days ago (did I mention I am busy?).  Guess what? I open the bags and the new motherboard I bought, is not new at all, its USED!  The board's static bag was all wrinkly and not sealed, and there are thermalpaste fingerprints all over the socket lid.   GGGRRRRRRHHhHhahHH!!  I have to assume the worst, this board has probably been cooked by a careless overclocker, and so I won't even try installing it.   Look, I know MicroCenter will take care of me and replace it with a new one, but this is not the first time!  I have bought hard drives that have had the WRONG drive in the box  (like 250MB drive in a 2TB box).  I have bought scratched up CPU coolers that had clearly been mounted before.  Now I have to make a special trip back and forth to the store for this mobo.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, clearly mark returned items as OPEN BOX and sell them at a reasonable discount.  Certainly DO NOT pull used items for an online store pickup order that is paying the top dollar price for a new item like you just did to me.  I am so mad.  You are closed right now, or I would already be in my pickup heading your way.   SOOOOooo  Frustrating.


  • JS_MC
    @hyteck9 So sorry to hear about your experience here! I appreciate you sharing your experience with us as it allows us the opportunity to improve! If a motherboard has been returned we issue the item an Open Box or clearance label, which is a large yellow sticker that contains information about the return or Open Box. I'd like to look into this on your behalf to see what happened here. Could you please send me a direct message with your purchase reference number? Again, my apologies for any inconvenience that may have been caused here!
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