Need advice on recommended parts for first build

Hey I will be switching to PC from Console and I currently stream so I will be needing a pc that will be able to game and stream at the same time. any help will be very helpful. my budget will be around 1200-1500 max. that being said keeping the initial cost down now will always help.


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    In terms of all around value, if you're planning on gaming and streaming I'd say either go for the Ryzen 7 3700X or the Intel i5-10600k. The 10600k will have better gaming performance, but you do have to purchase a separate cooler with it so overall cost will be a little more expensive. Personally speaking I have a 3700X in my own computer that I use to game/stream at the same time and it's been great for me. 

    You could do something like this:

    That leaves some room in the budget leftover for Windows or upping the cost on a few parts here and there. For example, you could up the price range on the GPU to $500 instead. The 5700XT I threw in as an example for an ~$400 card, but other good options would be something like the 2070 Super (if you have to build NOW) or the upcoming RTX 3070 when it hits shelves (initial availability will likely be scarce). 
  • Chiefdot12
    thank you! I appreciate your help and for the build ill work from that. 
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