I bought a 5 3600xt bundle with an aorus motherboard when the cpu was on sale for $219.99, total for the bundle was $329.99. Now I check again the price went up for the total of $339.99. I want to exchange my board for the ROG one which is the same price as the aorus. Does the bundle I bought still apply if I want to exchange the board? Or do I have to pay the extra dollar for the increased for the new bundle? 
For returning, I want to return my case. I'm going to do it in store so do I need a RMA or can I just do walk in?


  • JS_MC
    Hi, @fjsdhf_fdshjkf2003. Welcome to the community.
    It would depend on what item has changed in price. If your item is still within its return period, you're welcome to exchange the motherboard.
    If the motherboard is the same price as the one you wish to exchange it with, then you would not have to pay the additional cost, as it is most likely the CPU that has increased in price. If there is a difference in cost, you would have to pay the difference.

    No RMA is required to return an item at the store. If you are not fully satisfied with your purchase and want to return it, simply bring your undamaged item back to Micro Center with its included accessories, materials, UPC, and packaging within the eligible timeframe and let us help you with a replacement or return.
  • theDude2003
    @LandShark thank you for the answer, it undoubtedly helped a lot.
    I have one more question, I saw the lancool II mesh rgb in Tustin, CA is out of stock and only has opened box option. Where can I find the specific info that indicate "how much" of an opened box it is? as in like if it's a displayed one or missing parts.
  • TSPhillipT
    Hello @fjsdhf_fdshjkf2003

    You should be receiving an email from me regarding the status of that Open Box Case.
  • Can I return a case without the box it came with?
  • JS_MC
    If the item is still within the return period. typically we can accept a return without the box. However, this is at the discretion of the manager at the store. We'd need to review the item in the store before we can guarantee that we can accept the return.
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